Not gonna lie. The last time I went to a Fall Out Boy concert Pete yelled at us for being out on a school night.

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Such a good concert. 10/10 would do again. Pictures later. Hopefully.

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Go Brian =]

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So far the lead singer of New Politics has ripped his jeans right on the crotch. The night is going well.

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I’m just realizing that I’m taking my brother to a Fall Out Boy concert and he knows like none of their songs.
He gon learn today.

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So I was thinking about Roxas today, and in that train of thought, I started thinking about the ship of Roxas and Namine. And I came to the conclusion that it doesn’t really work. Namine never actually expresses that she likes Roxas.

Now I’m gonna go off of that these two are special butterflies since they came from Sora and managed to emote really well, and try to go in chronological order.

Any interactions that Namine has with Roxas is directly because of Sora.

In 358/2, when Xion asks her to watch over Roxas, Namine agrees, but you also have to think about what is happening in the background of this situation. Sora’s memories have stopped, and DiZ is looming over her with constant threats. She knows that the memories of Xion will fade away. She literally tells Xion this a few minutes before. What can it hurt to make a promise this girl when she won’t remember it anyways? She knows that for Sora to wake up, both Xion and Roxas would have to disappear. Her endgame is for Sora to wake up, memories correct. This promise really doesn’t mean anything.

In Kingdom Hearts II, Namine “meets” Roxas on the 3rd day. In this interaction, she sets in motion Roxas’ remembrance of the Keyblade, which in turn helped fix Sora’s memories. Manipulate Roxas to help Sora.

Right before Roxas goes back to Sora, I feel like she starts to feel bad, so she tries to explain everything to him.

At the end, when both Namine and Roxas go back to their somebodies, Namine says to Sora “See? We meet again, like we promised.” and Roxas responds happily. The way she replies implies that she had forgotten about it. “I did, didn’t I?”. 

Nami is only talking to Sora at this point, referring to the end of Chain of Memories, where Sora promises to find her again after he wakes up again 

Sora kept his promise to her.

I know it sounds like I’m blaming Namine a lot, but I really do like her. I understand her reasoning. She found someone who treated her like a person, and didn’t use her. He told her that he was happy he had met her. She wanted to keep the first person that cared about her safe and happy. Even if that really didn’t include her. 

TL;DR I don’t think Rokunami works cause Nami <3 Sora 5ever. And despite the bitching, I still really like Namine

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Also, fuck Riku.

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I have the urge to do a post on why Roxas got the really short end of the stick.
So expect that later. Rn I gotta play final mix.

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My best friend (who works at State Farm) just called me, so excited, saying she met a cute boy at work, whose name is Jake. She likes Jake from State Farm.

She sounds hideous.